Fostering curiosity and creativity

What's it like to be in Misha's courses?

Or, if you prefer quotes:

Misha, was outstanding in her explanation and the booklet was great!
Well done all round! I really enjoyed it. Misha is a great, helpful and encouraging teacher.
I learned a bit of theory and technique and was able to practise it with feedback. The theory and technique I learned, I can apply to drawing I do on my own after the course. It was perfect.
Misha is organised, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Excellent! Just the right amount of information for a beginner course. 

Well, if you like numbers:

100% of students found the instruction clear and understandable

100% of students enjoyed their course

88% of students were interested in taking more advanced course with Misha

Misha can tailor a course or workshop to your needs.

Teaching experience:

Formal education teaching

Misha taught university-level science at the University of NSW and the University of Western Sydney. She also designed a peer-mentoring program at the University of Sydney that remains enormously popular. 

In an academic setting, Misha’s students consistently outperform their peers in equivalent classes. (She is good at tailoring information to different learning styles and inspiring curiosity.)


Informal education teaching (life-long learning)

Misha teaches environmental awareness, creativity skills and fine art. Lately, her botanical illustration courses have been very popular. 

More information on courses:

Fostering creativity with Scientific Illustration workshops

Fostering creativity with Cartography of the Self

Environmental awareness with Science-Poetry workshops (kids)

Environmental awareness with Art-Nature camps (kids)

Environmental awareness with Microscopy for Artists