In order to read these words, you first need to perceive light energy with your eyes. As the light reaches your eye, your photoreceptor cells (rods and cones), bipolar cells, and ganglion cells become stimulated in a chain of electrical signals.

Okay, but at this point it is intelligible.

Your eyes also each have a split-screen running from top to bottom, so the information received on the left side of each eye perceives the left half of the world and the right side perceives the right half.

What is astounding is that the nerves from each eye's left side combine to convey a left-view of the world to the brain, and the nerves from each eye's right side combine to convey a right-view. 

Diagram of Optic Pathway from

Diagram of Optic Pathway from

The image is also flipped up-side-down on your retina and right-way-up again when it reaches your visual cortex all the way at the back of your brain! It is at this point - once your visual cortex deciphers all this information - that you can begin to "see".